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Art of Salary Negotiation by Recruitment Agency

January 20, 2018

Salary negotiation is an art of dealing for best in least possible expense with leaving positive feed at the end. Negotiator has to keep the other party to come again for negotiation. Best scenario is the win-win condition. When both ends gets what they have wished for but in real world it is usually win-lose. One party gets what they have wished for and other gets nothing or little gain only. A good negotiator focuses on profit of both the end. He/ she tries to make deal that give, both parties, what they are interested in.

Know Where you are Standing:

Before jumping direct to the conclusion try to understand mindset of another end. Where they have came from. What are the desires or interests they have. When you understand who is at other end of the deal it helps you to know what they are into. It helps in making a possible win-win deal. Start with mixing them into your conditions. It help them know who and what you are. Also they get ease up to understand you to get into deal. Do not try to jump directly to the salary and take a long way to it.

Don’t become Rock Negotiation:

Try to make the deal smoother and softly. Don’t go harsh on the candidate. These hard stands and word comes later in the name of no satisfaction in job. They will not do their work after the hiring with the same dedication and this is harmful for business. Replacing that employee will again cost the company and that is not good thing. Ultimatums and threats are not good to lead your negotiation to good ending.

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Only Small Conversation:

From the starting, try to keep the conversation small. Blend with them on the same table no matter if both are two different poles. Note down the important points about the candidate then ask him about the trade points. What he can do and what he will get. Hold your attractive offer like ace. When you have tried everything on candidate to keep both end on positive side but they do not agree then use this ace.

Throw Questions during Salary Negotiation:

Try to keep questions in your negotiation. More questions you ask more knowledge about candidate you get. As you get deeper insight of them it will be easy for you to make a balanced deal for both ends. Ask about the principal behind the proposal they are making.

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