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Building Relationship and Engagement with Customer and Business

November 14, 2017
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Relationship and engagement are basic need in any business. They need to be practiced well, because it reflects in the business’s success. Building relation and making engagement are two very different thing. There is a very thin line here in between these two. Making this point let’s try to understand these two terms of the business. Today here we are going to make discussion on what relationships and engagement are. Then discussion will continue with BRM and CRM and then we will talk on B2B relationships.


There is a point where we thing we are in a relationships but the point is how much? This is the question arises when you want to measure any relationship. Let’s describe this as contact of your phone or CRM. As you connect with people via outlook or LinkedIn you are making relationship with them. But some questions make stands here on this theory. Just think about all those thousands of the contacts you are connected on Outlook, LinkedIn or Phone. Do you really know all of them? Have you ever contacted them? Are these really relationships here? The relationship works in different ways with customer and business.

People are sometime get confused in definition of the BRM and CRM. Why? Because some think that CRM is sub-set of the BRM. They think CRM only deals with the Customer part and customers are small stack holder of the business. Where on the other hand they think that BRM is a part of IT service. Actually it depends on the practices we adopt to apply these terms in the business. There practices eventually bring the difference that people sees here. These practices are chose depending on the objective of the customer and business.


Engagement can be taken as the practice that come after building relationship with the customer and business. This entity makes interactions with the customer or the business profile people. Like if one sends mail or messages to customer or business people, that means they are making engagements. It doesn’t matter whether they had any past relationship or not or this in new one. As you try to build communication with them you are in engagement. BRM and CRM are the best tool those helps in making engagements. It is like starting to work for a client that is just brought in relationship’s circle by professionals.

Everyone will give you different meaning and insight of the relationship and engagement. This depends on their understandings and the practices they are doing. If one is building relationships or engagements with potential clients then try to make it transparent. Transparency is the first thing that builds strong engagements and relations. If partnership is strong then it will payoff to your business for a long time. Making this type of long term business is what makes you sheet looks good and enrich with success.

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