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Crowdsourcing: Shaping the Future of Everything

January 15, 2018
Crowdsourcing, ICO, Cryptocurrency, Digitization

Crowdsourcing, a word that is first heard in 2006 in Wired Magazine in “The Rise of Crowdsourcing” by Jeff Howe. This term is made with two word, crowd and Outsourcing. This simplifies its meaning. People outsourced in bulk to practice sharing of knowledge and experience with each other. This technology will help in taking decision more precisely. It provide more ideas and more experience in less time. Let’s know about it in brief.

What is Crowdsourcing?

As the term says it is gathering of resources and information from a group of people. It helps in raising ideas and money for business, organizations and individuals. Founder of Crowdsourcing Week, Epi Ludvik says it is about resources facilitated by high technology platform. Also thanks to our new technologies making it easy to share idea and stay connected from the farther distance. It challenges the conventional process of working in a company. The future is human-centric same way this technology is.

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Bringing Changes in Today

Crowdsourcing was introduced when everything was centralized and now it is challenging those models. There was a time when Crowdsourcing introduced a word crowd currency. That thing is now recognized as ICO (Initial Coin Offering) or cryptocurrency. Now decentralization is happening across many platforms. Due to this decentralization and cryptocurrency it’s now easy to innovate, micro-tasking and co-creation and sharing economy faster than ever.

Business, Politics and Culture Implications

It has massive implication on these sectors of today’s world. No one is fully aware of what this technology is capable of. But we humans are living in a world of mixed realities. This causes some problem here for private and public sectors. It is hard for them to adapt this that is a massive challenge. Our old economy is being compared with new economy but they have different origin. This difference causes here some tension.

Crowdsourcing in Normal People’s Life

It is said to be the new DNA of the society, not just physically but also digitally. Our society is still is living with the old mindset. The global economy we are seeing today is based on the scarcity and fear that is lethal for society. Crowdsourcing is a big help in moving the every human future to better being.

Crowdsourcing provide new and complicated problems to participant. This helps them in improvising and finding new way to the problem. This exposure to different problems, enhance their problem solving ability. It is always about talent, passion, skills and tangible resource. This technique can improvise your rough ideas and polish them. It can be the answer everyone is looking for in next decade.

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