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HR Department: Know When You Need Them in Business

September 11, 2017
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Many entrepreneurs try many new things to make their business better. But there comes a time when they need to look back. Because they have to realize, what they have done to their business in this process. They build many departments but forget to make one important department.

When you start a new business with a small team everything seems straight. But as the work pressure increases on the team, things start getting messy. This happen because one has to start doing many task. If the business goes good you need hire more people as workforce require. But these works are not anyone’s task. Some work need to be done by professional.

Ineffectiveness and pressure cause less productivity. Because of this business got some bad numbers in profit sheets. Even 20 employees can become messy with no management. So this the time when you realize that a HR department is in need.

Here are 4 indications that will explain when you need a HR Department:

Applications are just Aid:

There are numerous HR applications in the market. These applications can help you in many tasks. HR applications are capable of handling the task from recruitment to payroll. These applications are usually used by hiring agencies. But an application can never replace department. These applications are made to aid the HR department in making decision accurate and quick. But many are thinking to replace whole department with these application.

HR department is not just a happy to have kind of department. It is like potential partner that is helping business grow. But replacing is with just an application that only does some little help is a bad decision. These applications are here to facilitate HR department not replace it.

Not so Dedicated Employees:

When there was no HR department people used to step into situations. This however leaves cracks in the system. These cracks can be filled by employing HR to an organization or business. Because these cracks leave the business open and harm a lot.

“HR supports an organization’s goals by ensuring the right policies and programs are in place to attract, retain, engage and motivate staff, creating a high-performing organization,” words of a HR professional.

HR can be reactive or proactive. The problem here is that it put business in trouble. Because of these problem caused, Business can get destroyed. Reactive delivers reports and policies with gaps.

So if Entrepreneurs waits for HR problems to arise to assign HR. This can put them into trouble. Because then HR will not be able to assist them in ROI and building the organization.

Inexperienced HR is not Part of Department:

HR professionals carry so much weight and skills for organization. These skills and weight of experience helps in hiring good talents for company. Now when some one with no experience comes in the department with access to hire people, can be detrimental.

A plane needs a proper and smooth runway to make a good flight. Here HR is that runway. And that is because HR is a crucial component of a business. One has to understand the value of this runway. Hire a HR that can mitigate the employee risk of employees. Same on the other hand, never let business run into the trouble.

Cost of No HR is higher than Having HR:

Sorry, if you think cutting the HR from employee list can save you money. There are many other problems waiting for you as you leave shadow of HR. Firing, employing, payment, promotion and demotion all comes with some legal trouble. These troubles can be yours if you don’t have a HR. HR knows how to handle these legal terms.

If you don’t want to hire a whole department, you can hire agencies. These agencies have good experience in HR consultancy. They can assist you in any trouble related to the HR department. These out-house team have good experience and network that can benefit your business.

So if you still think that you are not going to need HR, read article twice and think thrice. HR is as important as employees and others in a business. If you can’t control your employee, how are you going to handle business? Hire a HR consultancy or HR and build a better runway for your plane. Make your business fly high.

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