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HR Helping Organization in Being Humanize

September 19, 2017
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In old time, strategies were made to focus on productivity and profit. In between all these game of profit and productivity we lost humanity in organization. Organizations are only thinks about making their graph go up. But today HR leaders can help humanize the organization. Making strategies that is relationship- oriented. Build a workforce that makes work marries business-minded.

Position, Creation and Drive of Humanize Organization:

HR department is not just a non-producing department. It is responsible for lowering risk and limiting the damage. HR department had to prove its worth to the management department. People resources – human resources – deserve executive attention, support, and appreciation.

Because nowadays people are not working just for money. They are looking for inclusivity, collaboration and transparency from the organization. Humanization can improve human engagement and loyalty. These facts impact directly profitability, productivity and customer perception of business.

HR leaders can lead by example and facilitate relationship-oriented interactions between colleagues and supervisors by:

Liberated and Open Atmosphere:

HR department should make sure that not any department or employee ever feels isolated. They have all the right to say anything they want. Organization must be as open and liberate as their home. Everyone must talk honestly and openly during the workday.

Building Transparency:

In this Humanize process another thing that matter is transparency and opening ups. HR must encourage employees in decision making process. Because some time idea come out of the left field. Create more transparency within the communication process.

Employee Never Stop Learning:

An employee always keeps challenging itself. They keep learning and taking test to make them learn new things. In this process you make them team up with senior executives. Because then these executives will work as the mentor to new recruits.

Be a Good Listener:

There is a very big wall between Listener and Good Listener. A good listener hears someone, acknowledge them and give a good response that expresses their feeling toward the topic. This quality must be practiced by each employee. Because it helps you understand the situation better.

Let Data Represent the Relation:

HR sometime pursues activities that have business values. These activities are people-oriented in matter to make humanize organization. But employees are able to it sometime. So use data that came from activities. Employee must know that their hard work is making something.

Keep Balance of Business-Employee Relationship:

Today’s marketplace is demanding the investment in people. HR and Organization need to show some appreciation to its employees for their hard work. This appreciation can be in any form like bonus, intensive and etc. This return to employee increase chances of success in future.

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