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HR Techs, Trends and Disruption for 2018

November 9, 2017
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Tech is now connecting with almost everything and every working department around us. Even HR department is not untouched with that. In upcoming year of 2018, HR department going to some disruptions in tech and trends. These Tech, trends and disruption will be focusing on the productivity, smartness and structure in HR tech application. Josh Bersin is the one analyzing these facts. HR tech is want technology that connects their employees to the work. Also products need to be connected with the clients. Now things are focusing on turning from automation to the productivity. Let’s discuss on all the disruption in the techs and trends.

An Intelligent HR Tech System:

Main thing in a HR department is Hiring process. Time and Money spent in this is one big investment from organization. When going for hiring and applicants selection arranging them in order, filtering, selection and other process eats a lot of time. Application tracking system is a big relief in that. It can take care of the interview, analytics, on-boarding, background verification and other big issues. These information is all saved onto the cloud for future purpose. So there is no chance of misplacing the file or computer/ data crash. Your data will be safe there.

Now if as you for next hiring or recruitment data from the cloud will help you in making future strategy. So you have a pre-planned strategy from the tech system. This intelligence saves a lot of time that you were about to invest. So investing in a smart or intelligent system returns you more than investing time each time.

Reinvention of Corporate Learning:

Just like machine learning system that learn behavior of user and adapt it, there is corporate learning tool too. These tools have finally here and many companies are snapping them as soon as possible. It is been modernized by the AI, self-learning system, experience platforms and deliver learning. These tools creates virtual reality learning for the system so that it can analyze data on many situations. It makes it smart and smarter. With performance support these techs are trying to find “just what user need”.

Exploding time for Wellbeing Market:

Everyone know that wellbeing market is going to fill with HR tech, content and tool. These are going to be the next big thing in the Business market. We need to improve productivity of these tools and reduce pressure from the human. This will better remove the human errors from the business and HR tasks. These tools must help us to stay innovative, productive and healthy.

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