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Human Resource: What Lies in Past of HR Outsource and Consultancy?

September 7, 2017
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Since the 1990’s HR department is providing success to the business it serves. Its contribution in common theme of business is increasing. HR is a department whose work is not just to hire talent. They are more than a department. HR is like “Function” or “Set of Activity” than just a department hiring people. This article is about the future and possibilities of support this department will provide in future.

Long time ago some organizations have realized that HR department can make big difference in future. Still there were some who thought it is waste of money resource on this. The Society of Human Resource brought a positive flair in the organizations it was implemented. It was like a great relief to the Chief Executives. CEO started views the HR department as the Potential or Actual Strategic Business Partner”.

Past of HR Department:

In the starting of this department the main function of it was just the payroll. Then as the time of 20’s came it grew out of it. Some companies still retain this functionality in the HR department while some moved it to controller department.

Then the new name came for this department, Personnel Department. A department that is responsible for all the stull that does not fit well anywhere else. It used to work like overseeing and employment process. Unlike today’s HR department, they were not making strategies and planning to build culture and good hiring. Their goals were simply to fill the jobs that business required. This explains why still people think of this department as department that does “employment of people”. They are here to outsource or employee people and still they have main focus on that. But that does not make them “the Department that hires people”.

Since its inception, HR department has raise and changed its functionality than it was in 70’s or 80’s. These attempts made this department as the Guardian of the Employee Relations and Provider of services.

This period was likewise the start of the “Employee Involvement” development and methodology. Representatives turned out to be all the more progressively occupied with decision making that influenced them. Dynamic organizations progressively understood that representatives, who took every necessary step, knew the work best. To increase more prominent acknowledgment of progress, it was best to include representatives whose lives would be influenced by the change. Human Resource experts progressed toward becoming “Employee Relations Counselors”. They had the obligation of crossing over, building up and keeping up a steady connection between the business and its representatives.

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