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Importance of Human Resource Management (HRM)

November 28, 2017

Human Resource Management is the management of the employees of an organization. We can say it is putting right people to the right task thereby making maximum use of the employees Talent and Abilities. For social aims, Human Resource Management should be responsible.

It deals with Recruitment, Selection, Discipline, Development, Training, Reward System, Trade Unions, Motivation and Productivity.

Recruitment and Selection:

Recruitment has been one of the major responsibilities of the HR team. It is the process by which a job vacancy is identified and potential employees are notified, Main forms of recruitment through advertising in Newspapers, Magazines, Trade papers and Internal Vacancy Lists.

Selection is the process of assessing candidates and appointing a post holder. Applicants are shortlisted and the only most suitable candidates are got selected.


HR plays a significant role in assessing the results of the training program and grading employees on the same. It is the attempt to improve the current or future performance of an employee by increasing the ability of an employee through educating and increasing one’s skill or knowledge in the particular subject.

Provide new skills for the employee

Keeps the employee up to date with changes in the field

Aims to improve efficiency

Performance Appraisal:

The system of pay and benefits used by the firm to reward workers. HRM encourages the people working in an organization, to work according to their potential and gives them suggestions that can help them to bring about improvement in it.

The HR team also needs to sit with the reviewing authorities to ensure appraisals are done on time and only the deserving employees get the benefits.

Trade Unions:

What is it? It performs a number of functions in order to achieve the objectives. Contribute to smooth change management and leadership. This is form to protect and promote the interests of their members. Their primary functions is to protect the interests if workers against discrimination and unfair labor practices.

These functions can be broadly classified into three categories:

Militant Functions :

This function of trade union can be achieve higher wages and better working conditions and it can raise the status of workers as a part of industry and protect labors against victimization and injustice.

Fraternal Functions:

This function of trade union can achieve higher wages and better working conditions and raise the status of workers as a part of industry.

Political Functions:

These functions include affiliating the union with a political party. It can Help the political party in enrolling members and collecting donations. It can seeking the help of political parties during the periods of strikes , lockouts.

Managing Employee Relations:

Employees are the pillars of any organization and employee relationship is a very broad concept and it is one of the crucial functions of HRM. It also helps to foster good employee relations and they have the ability to influence behaviors and work outputs.

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