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Job Role Ambiguity and their Consequence

December 6, 2017
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What is ambiguity? We can understand it as, due to the lack of clear understanding, the position is poorly presented in management. It is an uncertainty of the meaning of language. It can be of two types. First one is occurring when the language used is clear but it suggests two or more possible meanings. Another one is that appear on the face of a document uncertain language has been used.

Job Role Ambiguity occurs when an individual does not understand the expectations and behaviors of their position in an organization. It can be due to the incomplete information, changes in system of an organization, or bad response from your manager.

Types of Job Role Ambiguity

Task Ambiguity

Sometimes, it could be happen that boss hand out some incomplete tasks. They may do this because they are busy and don’t take the time to think about what information employees need to complete the job. It’s hard to complete that task because of incomplete information. But it may be risky to ask for guidance because the boss could become irritated. It causes the delay in submission of project.

The Ambiguity of Change

When big changes become to be happen, revision to the employee appraisal system. It can be changes to pay structure or modifications to the internal structure or modifications to the internal structure of the company. This can be a smart action to achieve a specific because it allows for employee input. Due to this employee may be disagreeing from the services of organizations.

Ambiguous Response 

Ambiguity can reveal facts at any time that are going to change your best decision. An ambiguous response contains a message that has more than one meaning.  An employee, who brings a completed project to boss for indication of how well he did. If the boss is too busy to look at the project, he makes a discreet remark such as, “Thanks”.  A wondering employee is result of needs of boss from his work.

How to remove Ambiguity

Communication is the best way to remove ambiguity. If you’re the boss of any organization make sure your direction are clear and ask your employees if they have any questions or need further help form you. When giving information about changes, provide as much details as you can. We can remove this by sending surveys to an organization. Survey contain question about hopes, feedback and motivation in the workplace.

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