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Key Areas of Recruitment Strategy

December 15, 2017

What is recruitment strategy? The recruitment strategy connects all important HR components and recruitment component, as the organization realize its strategic goals. It defines the position of the organization on the job market. This strategy allows optimizing the costs by utilizing channels and processes, which contribute most. It is a strategy of human resource management. It helps to achieve strategic goals through people. HRM training programs are integrated with company mission and value. In HRM, staffing includes the development of a strategic plan to determine how many people you might need to hire.

HRM perform the hiring process to recruit and select the right people for right jobs. Development of policies to help reach the strategic plan’s goals is the job of HRM. Helping new employees develop skills needed for their jobs and helping current employees grow their skills. This is also a task for which the HRM department is responsible. There are some points which help to successful employee recruitment. Hire the smartest person you can find. Don’t expect to develop weak areas of performance, habits, and talents. Build on what is great about your new employee in first place. Use your website for recruiting because it is best opportunity to shine and highly effective way to attract candidate today. Check references when recruiting employees and also do background checks.

Key Areas of Recruitment strategy

HR Strategy

It is designed to develop the skills, attitudes and behaviors among staff that will help the organization to meet its goals. HR strategy affects what employees feel and do. It improves employee motivation and satisfaction. The HR departments plans and translates the   strategy through HR policies and practices. It is a document for HR employees and it act as a basis for setting the yearly goals. It also set the balanced scorecard in bigger improvements for the life of employees in the organization.

Business Strategy

The business strategy is a key document, which drives everything in the organization. A small company can use a number of business strategies, depending on its situation. It includes the growth strategy. A growth strategy introduces new features to existing products.

A business strategy is concerned with major resources issues e.g. raising the finance to build a new factory or plant. Strategies are also concerned with deciding on what products to allocate major resources. It reflects the estimate development of the workforce.

Gap Analysis

It analyzes the current organization and all gaps in staffing area. The gap analysis identifies critical and missing roles in the organization. It formulates the tactics for the recruitment of critical roles for the company. In order to achieve goals of a business, it needs to workforce with the right skills. Hence, this analysis provides you with guidance on how to identify gaps between demand and supply, now and into the future. It identifies the gap between current supply and current demand and future supply and future demand over the full forecast period.

External Job Market

The recruitment strategy has to define the right mix of different recruitment tools, as the organization succeeds in the job market competition. These strategies have the competitive advantages in this field. Also, it defines the technique and tools for the recruitment of young talent with no previous experience. In external job market HR department will systematically search the employee pool outside its own employee to fill position. It may lead to team stability, as team may remain interact when hiring externally.

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