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LinkedIn Ruining Recruitment, Fundamentally

September 14, 2017

LinkedIn, “the world’s largest professional network” has been bliss when it came to existence. Many praised it for helping professional. They thought it would be now easy to connect with talent. One organization can increase its connections network. But was it really a good idea in recruitment. The change is always good. But it is time to wake up. This change brought disaster with it. LinkedIn made it hard for talent to reach their goal.

Old School Recruitment:

In old time companies were user to hire recruitment agencies for selection process. These firms were leveraged to take care of mid-level and high-level professional selections. These agencies have experienced people in identifying best talent for job position. They make direct interaction with people. Their work is to know what job seeker is looking for in the job position. If one satisfies the position they make offer to them. This offer depends on the knowledge, experience and benefits they had in previous job.

Challenges LinkedIn Brought:

LinkedIn just came with the seemingly infinite pool full of talent. Companies thought it can help them in targeting large number of potential. Thought it will turn the selection process an in-house process. But it draw a line of limit here for them. Executive army won’t be able to select many choices on the basis of talent. They can’t even filter the candidates like old time selectors used to do. LinkedIn make recruiters lack their insight. Inactive or unresponsive person will be volunteered as Not Interested. This make rain of those posts candidates are not interested. It is also that if someone joins LinkedIn, doesn’t mean he/she is job seeker.

Back to Old School:

It was the understanding between recruiter and candidate that made old school hiring more successful. The challenge here is starting the conversation. If one is comfortable with way employer talk, candidate with make good understanding with them. Employer has to make a good start by sending an interactive video or image of culture. They should not use those text-only job description messages. Because these messages make dull impression on the candidate. If organizations are not able to connect with talent they should take help of hiring agencies. These agencies will make direct contact with candidate. This will also help organization in making good revenue.

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