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Make a Successful and Productive First Week on the New Job

October 14, 2017
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Joining a new office or job is like a foreign trip. You know nothing about the place, people or thing there. It is very intense week for anyone because one has to interact with new people. One has to make a good introduction into new atmosphere. Make relations with your co-workers and Boss. It is the time when you build your image whether a friendly or anti-friendly. So here are points that will guide you to make a good impression.

Introduction is First Step in New Job:

Saying Hello or greeting in elevator or  meet on day starts a good relation. They might not have time for to come to you. You have to take initiative. Try to keep their name in mind. Make little eye contact and firm handshakes with you colleagues. Start with the group closest to you. They will help you in best interest (not all).

Trusty Mentor:

Having a mentor in a new job is not bad thing. Especially when you are a newbie in corporate, make a mentor you can rely on. Mentor’s knowledge is always going to help to groom in there with best guidance. There are lots of things that your mentor may know like office inner language. So you need that mentor as you go into an organization.

Bonding with Boss and Co-workers:

Whether it is your first job out of college or just another switch, make sure you makes good bonding with everyone. A good rapport with boss and colleague is necessary. It will always pay you off. It helps in understanding their requirement so that you can deliver what they want exactly. Make direct report to them. Set good tone of yourself in your first week. Build good standard for the expectations they can make from you.

Helps and Advice:

When you are new and people come to help you, never turn down their help. Whether you can do that task by your own but do not neglect coming help from co-workers. It makes a bad impression. Also you may learn new things from them. There may be an easier way to perform that task. Also if you can’t complete a task or solve a problem in project, feel free to ask others. But remember if you are asking them they are giving you their time. Also they have their own projects to do. So before going to someone for help, make sure you have tried some solution by yourself on that. Also help your new team workers by taking initiative.

Connect on Social Media:

Try to make connection with people from your office through social media. Like Twitter, LinkedIn. Facebook is taken as a little more personal so make an exceptional case of it. Try to make relation cement solid by finding them on Twitter and LinkedIn. As you join new job, make sure you change it on your social media too.

At last I would only say, “All the Best for your Corporate Life.”

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