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Mistake that Cost You during Hiring

September 20, 2017
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Cost-to-Hire is a big risk to many organizations. Most of the time this mistake take place during hiring process. Because of past year “Bigger the market, bigger the competition” become true. HR and executive professional know the intense it is creating. With the recruitment process they want to attract great candidate smoothly.

Some problems those are known are like hiring wrong candidate or bad candidate. Hiring a bad person is like worst case of it. In a report from Career Builder, 75% of employers have reported of hiring wrong person for a position. This bad hiring affected a business with approximately $17000 on average. On other hand replacing that wrong hired person cost several time of salary paid annually.

Bad Experience of Hiring Process to Candidate

Because now technology has taken over everything, candidates want a fast and quick recruitment process. Talents are expecting online form with less data to fill and social integration. There forms must have an on-screen confirmation like OTP or mail. They just want to create a quick profile and upload their resume. Find a job on website and then apply for it. Mobile phone was one an optional thing. Because it is one of the most commonly used device and that make it a must technology in recruitment. Mobile must be used for verification and quick notifications and other communication method.

Recruitment without Reviewing Data

There is many time when hiring agencies receive a big load of resumes. They need to receive them in time or they will lose the talent they are seeking. Because of the hurry to cover the entire resumes, sometimes they eventually make mistake. In screening process they skip some data on the resume. Some of those resume are not well reviewed or completed. This lack of data can cause them a lead them to a bad decision for organization.

Organizations should be able to use all of the information about their employees. Because of they are making such a crucial decision. So while hiring managers may have a list of necessary skills to confirm, they don’t have a complete picture of the ideal candidate. They have no way of knowing of the most productive candidates. Also same candidate have common traits. These traits are the proximity to the primary residence to their work location.

Onboarding is Necessary

Hiring is always a time consuming and money eating process. When one hiring process have a strong onboarding process, it increase hire retention by 82%. It also increases productivity by 70%. Onboarding make employee excited and engaged them from day one. This coin also comes with its flip side. Companies those make weak onboarding looses their employees in first year. New employees start seeking out for new employment.

Develop a meaningful and consistent onboarding strategy that reflects your employer brand and not only welcomes but also nurtures and engages your new talent. Track each component of a configurable onboarding process. That is from beginning to end. So that you can have confidence that applicants are turning from new hire to productive employee.

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