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Perfect Employee: A Myth Character HR Recruitment Trying to Find

September 7, 2017
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Every CEO or Head of the Organization want a perfect employee for profit and good revenue. They have put their HR recruitment department behind them. But actually who is this perfect employee? What is the definition of this so called Perfect Employee? So if we think of this we can say that as of some theory, a perfect Employee is one who:

  • never complains
  • does a great job
  • needs no training, feedback, recognition or wage increases
  • always takes initiative
  • doesn’t need downtime
  • is team player
  • never gets sick
  • has no friends or family to distract them

Everything looks good in theory but reality is different, far different than this. Finding perfect one is like finding big foot under your bed. Yes they are like nightmare, feels real but do not exist. So you can say that recruitment of a perfect employee for organization is impossible. An employee performing well today in one organization may not perform same in another culture.

You may not be able to find a best candidate but you can find best one for sure. A best candidate is the one whose attitude and temperament align with corporate culture. An employee whose knowledge, talent, experience is available, affordable and sufficient is Best Employee.

Source of Recruitment:

Inform your current employees. They may be not part of it but they can circulate this in their network.

Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+) is big help in spreading the word. You can make contact with new candidates through the social media. Company pages and employees personal network is useful here.

Many employees come through the referrals. Referrals make recommendation based recruitment and selection process. Sometime referrals give duds to an organization. So referrals are good but use it with caution.

You can take help of the talent pools or the database of the recruitment agencies. These agencies charge you with some fee to access their database.

Print media is an old school way but it still works when it come jobs and employment. Many people still read Employment and Job section in search of jobs.

Shorting and Screening:

Make selection of the best candidate by making your senior employees join you in the process of screening. It is them who are going to work with them not HR department. This will ease the work too from HRD. Test their skills, experience and knowledge to clarify to see whether they fit or not in your culture? Compare them side by side by attitude, objective, goals and priorities then make decision. This decision must screen and select best one or the recruitment process will go in vain.

So if you were trying to find the perfect one, it is time to find the best one. That is because search of perfect one is going to cost you time and money. Save these two resource and spend then precisely on other occasion.

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