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Most of Recruitment & Hiring Goals do not Matter That Much

September 7, 2017
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While hiring or recruiting the appointees, HR department comes with many goals in their strategies. But do these goals really matter that much while hiring new candidates. As per from a research finding these are some of those goals that HRD have in mind. Those goals are as follow:

  • Have a broad talent pool to draw on
  • Improve quality of attracted talent
  • Increase selection process
  • Improve time-to-hire
  • Streamline the process
  • Improve communication and collaboration
  • Promote our employer brand
  • Become more strategic in our approach
  • Reduce the failure rate of appointees
  • Reduce time and cost of recruitment

These are said to be the recommended goals by any consultant. These points are valid but up to a limit only.

Why They Don’t Matter?

While going in the hiring process, managers are just concerned about the money they are spending. These managers in theory may say that these goals are important. When it comes to practical they think about justifying their expenses during the recruitment process. Money was always the big concern for these managers. Sometime these managers take help of some automation tools like ATS (Applicant Tracking System). These systems may help in taking some decision. But rate of failure of that decision is much higher.

Only Goal that Matter:

Now coming to our main goal, Money, the only goal why businesses exist. This money thing has changed the perspective of the role of hiring. So now it is like:

“To enable the company make money by effectively and efficiently hiring the right people at right time for right price.”

Human Resource Department may need some strategic Hiring to accomplish this goal. Now as we discussed in previous section find best employee not perfect. Here we are talent who are equipped with leadership, creativity or a good network. These things will help nurture the organization and will put you in positive trade. So we can say:

“Hiring is an investment in Organization’s Future Health and Wealth.”

Finally, with the ‘make money’ objective firmly in mind, you will want to identify candidates who seems like these points.

  • Have the right experience
  • Have the right attitudes and personal attributes to align with the role and the company
  • Are available or required
  • Generate a healthy ROI on their salary expectations
  • Fit the strategic direction of the company
  • Make a positive impact and contribution quickly and consistently
  • Stay and continue to contribute for the longer term

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