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Retention: Connecting Employees to Culture

November 4, 2017
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Employees are one of the important entities of an organization. It is inevitable to lose any important member from your team. Every member is core part of a project. If you lose any, the projects will get affected. Employees must be taken care of well. If you lost one, hiring or replacing that employee will cost you a lot more. You have to find out equivalent or better one for that same place. As per the estimation it will cost you 1/5th of the employee annual salary in replacement process. So the Retention is your only hope if your employees are valuable for you.

54% of Americans think that they can leave their current job in search of better one. But that doesn’t mean that they are going to leave. Still it makes a little threat for the organization. So the retention must be prepared already before any of that happens. Retention should be in organization from the start and in working state. Employees are the pillars your business is standing upon and communication is what keeps them standing on their ground.

Creating a company culture, employee communication and team management are three keys component of Retention. If all these are working together and running well then it will result good. All these together increases trust and loyalty of employee toward corporation. And if your employees are happy and loyal at same time what can go wrong in getting success. With the strong bond that employees share here increases productivity and profitability.

Keep track of employee’s activity and social preferences, their birthday, milestones etc. When their achievements or birthdays are acknowledged by management it makes them happy. It makes them add these to their social timeline and it makes mark on their memories. Happy atmosphere created around one keep him motivated and dedicated toward the work.

So what are the things that will help you in Retention of your Employees?

1. Know their goals and track them for every employee. It will brief you with their goals and expectations.
2. Keep them clear about their tasks. Too much confused employee may turnover soon.
3. Give them feedback of their work; employees love to hear from higher authority.
4. Communicate with them. It increases the trust and loyalty.
5. Team must work under same roof. Let them know each other.
6. Measure everything they do. You will get briefs about their behavior.
7. Don’t cross your limit in name of retention. Keeping too close eyes on them sometime irritates them.
8. But yes don’t stop the retention. It is a slow and steady process.

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