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Retention is Also Part of Hiring (Overlooked)

October 31, 2017
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Employee turnover is always a nightmare to any organization. If your employees are not happy with the organization then they will leave it at any possible chance. Here retention helps you in keeping them to you. If the retention process is not done well, you will loose your employees. It may lead you to never ending loop of hiring. As you hire 2 new talents, you may loose 1. In business, your tech team plays a vital role in running a company. So if you do not think about them, they will do the same.

Losing an experienced developer from your team can cost you failure of whole project. They are hard to find. As the situation goes odd, it can be tough. Let us think in other way. In that situation large companies can pay large salary if they get worthy talent. On other hand start-ups can’t offer the same leverage but they offer interesting projects. Money is for survival and projects are for real experience and learning. So both gives something to employees but now it is on what does employees choose? So here are 3 tips on making successful retention.

Developers are like Client:

Some time company gives priority to their clients only. What they say is right and do not listen to their developer. But they forgot that employees are vital part of the company not the client. They need to be heard at same time. HR department must focus on their team as they are hired. Gaining trust of your employee is necessary. These issues also include dislike of current task or project, management and miscommunication, unsatisfactory salary. Other reasons are personal like Work-Life balance, stress, not enough feedback.

Communicating Team Members:

Communication between your team members is necessary. If they are communicating well, it will not only going to affect task, but also each other. Communication is the way for new talent to adopt workplace. Water Cooler Phenomenon is best solution of building happiness and efficiency. Whether it is unimportant meeting of members but is a vital part. It helps management department in building good retention. Put all them together in their fields of interest. It will build a natural pattern and new talent will fall into it.

Build Efficient Workplace for Good Retention:

If there is positive atmosphere in your organization, Retention will start building itself. You have to build loyal employees. These employees will represent your company on many places. It will also help new hire in getting comfortable in new atmosphere. These positive vibes spread a comfortable feel among new hires. Employees will help them in getting ease on their first week at job. This will build communication. That will make them happy and it will create a good retention.

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