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Reverse Mentoring: Successfully Engagement of Multi-Generation Team

November 6, 2017
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In Corporate mentoring is a good solution adopted to tackle complex Human Resource problems. Not always new generation need to learn things. Sometime it is our veteran generation who need to learn from generation-Z or millennial. Basically thing here is that new people need experience and Old people need to learn new technologies. Reverse Mentoring is the solution here in the corporate worlds for it. It is like teaching people double to your age and learning their experience. Old Peoples can learn social media and technology integration in exchange of their experience. So let’s talk about What, How, Who and Where.

What is Reverse Mentoring?

It is an exchange of idea, information and experience between veteran and young employees. Both these generations are put together where they share their insight on technology, social media and new trends. It is bit different solution then traditional mentoring. In traditional mentoring mentor is usually a senior person. It breaks the organizational hierarchy by flowing the data freely between two different generations. Reverse Mentoring creates an environment where knowledge and experience.

Who Proposed Reverse Mentoring?

When Jack Welch was CEO of GE, he adopted this concept at first. First he found a young mentor, who was a junior employee, for himself. Then he made it mandatory for his 500 executives to find reverse mentors. His idea brought a whole new out of the box thinking to the corporate world. He changed traditional mentoring from top to toe. After that adaption HP, Coca-Cola, The Hartford and other adopted this un-traditional mentoring program.

What are the Benefits?

Expanding Knowledge: Both the generation share an expanding aura of the knowledge and experience with each other. This helps new generation in getting knowledge and experience in less time.

Millennial Retention: It provides opportunity to contribute from both sides and create good impact on the work.

Equivalent Exchange and Growth: Millennial gets the insight and experience and Generation-X get understandings of new technology. Corporate both employees are in equal growth here.

Fresh Perspective: Young mentors gives new insight and use of digital media that can help business. Products will grow in faster and simpler way than the traditional way.

How to Begin Reverse Mentoring?

• Make a list of 5 things you don’t know but need to know.
• Identify 1 or 2 items from the list that you are most likely not to learn on your own or during your course of work.
• Identify a junior colleague that has the expertise you need.
• Ask the junior colleague to mentor you.
• Clarify where to meet, frequency, expectations, etc.
• Prepare by identifying a set of questions before the first meeting. (Don’t be afraid to ask naive questions.)
• Meet and mentor.

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