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Role of HR in Recruitment and Interviewing Process

September 7, 2017
Role of HR in Recruitment and Interview

Hiring a candidate is one of the most responsible and important work HR department do. Employees are the backbone of any corporate or organization. They are the reason behind success and failure of organization. Employees are the one who makes good working culture in the industries. So hiring a worthy, talented, performing and dedicated employee is a big responsibility. HR department fulfill its duty here by making plans and strategy for recruitment process. Because the result of all these planning reflects on the revenue growth and profit margin.

HR in Recruitment and Interviewing Process

Accordingly, it is still very astonishing how frequently employers can get this procedure wrong, either through disregard or numbness. Despite the fact that everybody knows how imperative and all the more critically that it is so costly to enlist workers in our present market. The most recent insights demonstrate that to substitute current employee, it will cost 2.5 times the employee’s pay. Thus, it is vital that the HR is associated with the whole recruitment and selection process.

Many HR Departments have not well required manpower to account daily layers of operations. This lack of desire, time and manpower to do all objectives and recruitment give solution of Merge. This merge is between employees and HR Department. It is actually more practical. We know HR department is not going to work with the candidates. So HRD allow Director, Manager to interact and screen job seekers. This will help them in building a better team to make progress in objectives.

Weak Hiring is the term that gets introduced when there is failure in the recent recruitment. If your new recruit leave the position in first few months than it is a Weak Recruitment. It does not depend on the performance of the candidate. A Weak Hiring will lead you to new hiring. As said it is going to cost you more money and this will affect revenue of the organization.

This is the reason why Recruitment is a crucial task. It needs planning, strategy and persistence in hiring a candidate. A single failure can cost so much to a corporate and the department. Most organizations don’t have less equipped HR department. These organizations are taking help of HR Departments working openly for everyone. These recruitment and hiring agencies help in making strategies and selecting good talents for firm.

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