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Sales Marketing and HR: Best Duo Today

October 9, 2017
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A combined team made from HR and Sales and marketing can give a beautiful revenue graph with desired output. These are two powerful departments that can help a company develop itself. If this relationship goes long it is going to prove itself more valuable towards the company. And how they are going to co-op? It is just as simple as pie. Sales force will help HR understanding strategies, customer and product. On the other hand HR will provide resources, talent and management of that talent.

Usually sales and marketing are two different departments but in some organization they are combined as one. Both departments have their individual work. One require some skill that is necessary to be a good member of sales and market team. It is not necessary that if a person is good seller than he must be a good a marketer or vice versa. On the other hand HR department is all here to provide resources, management to both sales and management department.

As the sales and marketing combines with each other they will know what their requirements are. Because of contribution between HR team and Sales and Marketing team makes performance of both departments at its best. It doesn’t matter if you’re attracting customer of talent you need both these department together. Let’s talk on why we should make this relationship successful.

Strategy of Sales and Marketing:

If you need good talent and clients for your business you need to make hiring but what sales require. Yes there is no reason for hiring undesired hiring that sales not want. Sales need particular required talent to produce desired output. HR department need to understand organizations product to make right hiring of talent. They have to understand what product is giving them good revenue. Hire the right number of people and skill that can deliver on customer proposition.

Role of Sales:

Not every role in sales in equal. It is same as other department. One may be leader, one may be manager or one may be co-worker. Thing arising here is Role of HR in sales. HRD have to understand what kind of candidate sales executive department need. As per a research, a top producer in one type of sale may not be equally good in making relationships with customers.


HR can give critical incentive by leading an expansive based review to assess regardless of whether the present deals compel is ideally conveyed. A few people in client obtaining “seeker” parts, for instance, might be more qualified for account administration “agriculturist” parts. Taking a lone target evaluation online can score every individual deals asset. All regarding their fit and potential for progress over a full range of offers parts. The outcomes can be utilized to help quick redeployment. Also longer-term vocation arranging inside the business constrain, too distinguish sales representatives who can profit by training.

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