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Strategic HR Management: The Strategies to Make Corporate Better

September 7, 2017
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There are many books on the shelves about strategy and planning in HR department of Corporate. But the question is what they are doing in the shelves. So we can say that as nowadays companies are focusing on the strategies and plans. But what actually is Strategic Human Resource Management. Is it different from the traditional HR management?

SHRM is a purely new file coming out from the HR Management Department. In traditional HR Management, strategic work was used to get treat superficially. Now making an entire work so important lead them to making whole new department. There was a very thin line drawn between the employee-job centric values and Corporate centered strategic values. This caused an unfortunate WAR between corporate and employee strategies.

Definition of Strategic HR Management:

SHRM is Linking of Human Resource Management with the Strategic goals and objectives. This linking results in the development of the organization culture and improvement of business performance. This new culture will foster innovation, flexibility and competitive advantage. In organizations SHRM means accepting the involvement of HR as the strategic partner. This partner makes strategies by recruiting, training, selection and rewarding employees.

How it is different from HRM

Over the most recent two decades there has been an expanding mindfulness. HR capacities resembled an island with milder, individuals focused, far from the hard universe of genuine business. Keeping in mind, goal to legitimize its own particular presence HR capacities must be viewed as more personally associated with the technique. HR every day running of the business side of the undertaking. Numerous authors in the late 1980s, began clamoring for a more vital way to deal with the administration of individuals than the standard practices of conventional administration of individuals or modern relations models.

Key human asset administration concentrates on human asset programs with long haul targets. Rather than concentrating on inside human asset issues, the emphasis is on tending to and taking care of issues that impact individual’s administration programs over the long haul and regularly all around. Consequently the essential objective of vital HR is to build representative efficiency by concentrating on business obstructions that happen outside of HR. The essential activities of a vital human asset director are to distinguish key. HR have ranges to execute methodology over the long haul. This enhance the general worker inspiration and profitability. Correspondence among HR and best administration of the organization is crucial as without dynamic investment no participation is conceivable.

Key Feature:
  • There is an explicit linkage between HR policy and practices and overall organizational strategic aims and the organizational environment
  • There is some organizing schema linking individual HR interventions so that they are mutually supportive
  • Management of Human resources responsibilities are assign to it below the line

Strategic HR Management also reflects some of the main contemporary challenges faced by HR Management. That is Aligning HR with core business strategy, demographic trends on employment and the labor market. It is integrating soft skills in HRD and finally Knowledge Management.

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