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The Effect of Succession Planning on Employee Retention(ER)

December 4, 2017

What is Employee Retention? For this, first we let to know what is retention? So, it refers to the various policies and practices of any organizations. ER refers to the ability of an organization to retain its employees.

Now, question is arising that what is succession planning on ER? So, Succession Planning is the process of training & preparing employees in an organization so that there will always be someone to replace on employee who leaves.

Succession Planning Process of Employee

The key to a successful succession plan is that you take a look at all of your employees and make sure you haven’t missed anybody.  It will be depending on Link strategies & Workforce Planning. Workforce planning is identifying the long-term vision & direction and analyzing future requirements for products & services.

Analyze Gaps is an important point for succession planning. For Analyze gaps in an organization develop a business plan based on long term talent needs, not on position replacement.

In addition, Develop Succession strategies for succession planning. Identifying retention strategies like retention bonuses and quality of work life programs. And after development, implement retention strategies for maintaining senior level commitment.

How your Succession Plan can improve your Retention?

In an organization employee are more likely to stick for long-term, because it shows the growth opportunities and challenges.

Leadership Succession Planning + Retention

Having a succession plan for key leadership positions (CEO, COO, CFO, etc.) at your company helps ensure your business can carry on even if there’s an unexpected loss at the top of your organization.

The best succession plan is most importance on the development of new leaders. Also it makes the employees feel valued and challenged which selected as replacement.

Staff-wide Succession Planning + Retention

The majority of your staff may not be senior leaders, but every employee needs to be challenged and see opportunities for growth.

Monitor and develop your employee’s talents and skills for succession planning. With the right succession planning processes and tools, you’ll find it much easier to motivate and promote from within.

Monitor Talents and Skills

You can store the information of your employees in system as a chart. As a result, it will make succession planning decision easier. As well as your employee will feel more valued because you’re taking note of their strength.

Develop Talent and Skills

It’s important for your succession plan to include career tracks of your employees. As a result it will show that you care about their career goals and chances within your company. This can boost their motivation and increase retention.

Choose a Path

There is two basic careers within an organization. First one is a management tracks and another one is professional track. The management track prepares employees to move into supervisory position. Another one is the professional track is for employees move from junior designer to senior designer to lead designer.

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