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Team Efficiency and Productivity: Many Way to Improve Them

November 7, 2017
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As per a survey, 75 percent of the employers think that 2 hours of efficient work are lost every day. A company need to turn these hours in Team’s efficiency and Productivity. They need to be stand against the will of the time here. There are several tips over here to make your team efficient and Productive. Your team need to see you taking responsibilities and work. They don’t want to see you barking out order. This will make your team unhappy about it and this can affect their efficiency and productivity. Not only just this, these are many other option that can trigger this bad situation.

So let’s learn how to deal with these serious problems. “Work is a process, and any process needs to be controlled. To make work productive, therefore, requires building the appropriate controls into the process of work.”

Tips to increase Team Efficiency and Productivity:

Goals Needs be Realistic:

First analysis that what is the goal that you want from your team. Set-up what you want to achieve that. If your goals are not realistic then team will not take care in achieving it. They will know that this goal is not achievable. This will cause loss of interest on a product or goal by the team.

Roles and Tasks:

Task or roles of a particular person need to be clarified already. Make them understand the tasks in order of the priorities (from high to low). Make them clarify what task they need to focus on first. As them for estimation time of completion. Also help them as a team members. Do not put all the task to them. If they working on main tasks then you should work on parallel tasks that will compliment them. It will encourage them.

Take Feedbacks:

Construct a trust based relation with your team mates. Take feedbacks and give them proper response for their work. Ask them about the challenges they are facing. Help them or guide them in finding the solutions for them. Do not let them face workload under you, it will affect their productivity.

Build Communication:

Communicate with your employees well. Never let them feel that they are alone in a task. Tele-Communication boost productivity better than anything. When they have to work from home, their productivity increases. Why, because there is no one breathing on their neck at home for work.

Strength and Weakness:

If you know your employees well, you can give right task to the right employee. It increases chances of success in that task. Some time it may result in time saving. If you have an employee with some creative mind then acknowledge their ideas or suggestions. These suggestion may be handy in your project.

Rewards Works Forever:

Rewards or incentives are the forever running strategy. People work more when there is a lot for offer. It increase their productivity by motivating them for those rewards. They might have a job for that they got paid but if they once they got rewarded for that they will work more productivity.

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