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Your Tech’s Maybe Reason of “Trouble Hiring the Right Employees”

September 9, 2017
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Technology, an invention that is makes everything easy in today’s world. Many business works can be done easily over the internet and emails. But never depend on something too much. It may have made our work so easy but relying too much on it is its downside. Especially, when it comes to Hiring and Recruitment of Employees take its little help.

Randstad U.S. have made surveyed over 1200 employees and applicants ages 18 and over. Report was uncovering attitude, perception and expectation of a job seeker during search process. Many were happy with help of tech that how it ease the process. But there were some who were not happy with that. They think that technology is involved too much in process. Because of this people are feeling frustrated.

Survey on Employees

As per survey, automated job experience made 82% of applicants unhappy. Whereas making process impersonal with technology annoyed 87% employees and applicant. Technology has made employers bypassing the important aspect of hiring. Now the process is just about making judging candidates by their cover letter or resume. Because Employees are selected over judgment that is based on two piece of paper, it is hard to understand their characteristics.

Balancing is also a part of success. If you want good output from your hiring process then make a good balance between technology and human effort. Don’t just kick the technology out of your process cycle make it your ally. Mostly everyone agreed on using technology as “aid” to process. It should not replace it.

On other side study have shown some fact that leave impression. An impression generated by employees and employer. If employees say “the degree of personal, human interaction during the process” or “the recruiter/hiring manager I worked with”, it leaves a positive impression on employer. “The length of the hiring process” and “the communication level throughout the selection process” is two reasons that leave negative impression on the applicant.

“The findings reinforce what we’ve believed for quite some time, that successful talent acquisition lies at the intersection between technology and human touch,” said Randstad U.S. CEO Linda Galipeau. “If done correctly, the right combination of personal interaction with the power of today’s intelligent machines can create an experience that is inherently more human.”

Do not let the communication gap be the reason behind negative experience. These bridges must be strengthening by the balance communication. These interactions will help you know your employees better. What is their desire and rage about so that they can fit in your workforce?

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