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Time to Improve Your Recruitment Process

September 16, 2017
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In recent years it is been seen that the recruitment has gotten tougher. According to the Bureau of Labor Static, unemployment has gone below 5% for the first time since 2008. This resembles that we are at fully employment. Because of this finding good talent is going to be hard. And recruitment agencies like us have to make understand it.

We know that you can never guarantee about anything. This thing is same for the recruitment process. But what we can share the experience and tips with you here. Here are some of the tips that will help you out with your hiring.

Make a focused Search:

The first step of any journey is choosing path. You have to be sure where are willing to go. Whatever you want from a candidate focuses on that. Focus on their behavior. Because behavior is the one thing that makes differences here.

“Hire Behavior, Train Skills”- Entrepreneur.com

While some job require skills and experience but behavior still is important. It will tell you about your recruit better. Relation of recruit with other members and properties are explained.

Create Irresistible Ad:

People trust on thing what they see. If candidate cannot understand your proposition then how will he/she join you? Make clear, creative and attractive advertisement. Usually in a job ad job responsibilities and qualifications are mentioned. These ads must contain few lines about company profile. Many Recruitment agencies knows how these ads need to be put.

“People don’t apply for job they apply for company. So let them know why you are so awesome.”- James Clift at SmartRecruiter (Blog)

Offers and Proposals:

As we said ads must be simple and clear. Make sure you have mentioned all the offers and proposals you are making to candidate. If you want applicant to fill your form then these must be explained well. Let if post you are publishing is offering $35K to $40K. Now you have to show the low end of salary. Because someone who is making $60K then that one will not waste your time. But if have other incentives to offer except salary then they must be in ad or proposition. Because these perks will help in attracting more candidates.

Right Time, Right Place:

Many Hiring agencies and business put their hiring ads at many places. In a narrow calculation we spent $150 on ad for 25 to 50 candidates. That is not a bad number. Many ad platforms are free and target particular city. Place many ads as possible on different sites. Usually this is a copy paste work once you have finished registration on multiple sites.

After selecting the site come the time period. What is proper time of the year you should post your ads? Time of before graduating is never a good time for targeting candidate. Because that time they are focused on their graduation. The best time is June. It is the time when loan payments are on their head. Graduation spirit is fading. All you need is to strike with perfect job offer.

Screen and Organize:

Organize application that arrives to your mail. Make subdirectory or label to arrange them in perfect order. This will help you in keeping updates about applicants. Now the screen process is here. Review resumes three to five days after the date of ads get post. Daily Review will consume time. After 3 to 5 day it will give you a dune of these resumes. You can make another subdirectory of “Accepted, Rejected and Can’t Say”. Moving resumes to its appropriate folder will save your time.



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