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How Twitter Help in Recruiting Employees

September 12, 2017
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Social Media is one of the fastest ways to spread the words around. It has helped e-commerce market to grow. You can target your customer easily. But do you know you can easily target new employees here. Twitter is a big help in recruiting new employees for business. It is a tool that was never taken as a Hiring Tool in recruitment process.

Every business, small or big, should not miss any opportunity of hiring best person. Companies that aren’t using twitter to find new employees are limiting their resources. Because of that they are loosing lots of potential candidates. Social Media play a major role in finding candidates. If it is played well, it can help you in screening process of hiring.

Targeting Your Fan Looking for Jobs:

Usually many business use twitter as a marketing tool but actually it is not only that. Twitter is the best way to target your particular follower. People who already like your work are following you. Now because they are following you they might be interested in working with you. Targeting your fans can increase your chances to hire people those share same vision as your company. Because they share a same vision as yours, they will profit the business. Recruiting from twitter is an easy way if you know how to target people.

Expand Your Reach of Recruiting Candidate:

Re-tweet, an option that will help you in recruiting people. The Re-tweet is like a lost art, people are not using. Re-tweet is a advance weapon here in targeting large audience. It helps you in making your reach far more possible. Every time you post a job opening or details write “Please RT” at end. People who get that tweet will re-tweet if they want to spread the news. And this is how it will help you in expanding the network. Because of this expansion of network you can target more people.

Looking into Candidate’s Personality:

We all know Facebook is for personal life and linked in for professional. Here comes the Twitter that can be both at same time. Normal people try to attract more people to their tweets. This make them work on both personalities. One’s tweet has to be reflection of his professional as well as personal character. Tweets and activities reflect someone’s personality here. And because you know their personality, you know if one suits your culture or not. So recruiting become a lot easier with this.

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